About Us

Who We Are

Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. “The Company” started its business in 2007. We provide services and customized Steel Structures to industrial sectors such as Heavy industries, Cement Plants, Aluminum Smelters , Storage Depots. Truck bodies etc...

The company has an headquarter in China and has a branch in United state .


The Company is managed by a team of professionals with an average experience of twenty to thirty years experience in the structural steel Industry and known to have executed a number of prestigious and high profile projects in China and united state.

The Company offers to clients the best quality steel products. We have the best production, Sales and Marketing .We tale utmost care in the quality of goods and customer’s satisfaction in our motto. As compared to the other companies we provide a great part of open spaces. Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. is to boost up the construction and fabrication industry in China.

Today, we continue to expand the horizon’s of metal building construction by enhancing our building customization, providing better customer service, and improving products to make our buildings meet every construction need.

Why Choose Us

We aim to develop long-term partnerships with customers in our chosen market by unlocking the potential of steel. We seek to create innovative products and services to help our customers overcome their challenges and be more successful in their market.

We do this in a responsible way. Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who work on our sites. But we also act responsibly towards the environment and the communities we operate among.
To ensure productivity and long-term sustainability, Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. has planned to invest in continuous improvement and will ensure our business is running with its best assets. This investment will strengthen our business in the China and enhance our long-term relationships with our customers. We are also making significant investments of $9.0 Million over five years.

Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. business has long prided itself on the strength of our customer relationships. We recognize, though, that customers continually look for deeper collaboration and the creation of value added products and solutions from their suppliers. Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. is the largest producer of advanced high strength steels in China. To drive continuous improvement and asset optimization, Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. has planned to employ the best operators, technicians, craftspeople and engineers to keep our facilities running at optimum productivity. Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd. works hard to develop a more efficient workforce as we lose employees to retirement.

Ultimately, the implementation of each of these priorities will improve our financial performance. We have five strategic priorities in Steel Sector: Customer Focus, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Responsibility and People.

Customer Focus

  • Our sales and marketing approach focuses demands of our customers, including construction, fabrication, bridges, energy & power etc.
  • Our teams work closely with customers to understand their needs which dictate our production, supply chains and delivery activities.

Operational excellence

  • We are constantly investing to upgrade our production facilities in order to improve their performance and cost competitiveness.
  • We aim to establish best practice in our supply chain management and delivery activities in order to optimize service to customers.

Responsible behavior

  • We act responsibly towards the environment in all our activities, focusing on sustainable raw materials usage.
  • We support the communities we operate among by promoting sport and encouraging their economic, environmental, educational and social development through financial support, the provision of materials and the time and enthusiasm of our employee.
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We are pursuing a strategy of market differentiation, which involves maximizing the proportion of differentiated products and services in our sales – products and services that few or no others can offer

We conduct research programmers aimed at developing cutting-edge manufacturing and product technology and at improving the sustainability of steel products through their life cycles

We seek to work as closely as possible with our customers to develop the new products and services they need to succeed in their own markets, believing that we succeed if our customers do.


The safety of our employees is our number one priority

We are committed to the people who are instrumental to our success, our employees.

We engage our employees and develop their capability through training We foster teamwork, nurture talent, enhance leadership capability and encourage our employees to act pace, pride and passion