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Structural steel is most widely used material across worldwide for various industrial, residential and commercial purposes. Beams manufacturer in China, channel manufacture in China and Angle manufacturer in China, providing on a large scale along with an enormous range of different sizes and dimensions. Steel beams can be categorized into four classes based on the process of manufacture: rolled beams, extruded beams, welded beam and riveted beams.

Rolled and Extruded Beams

Rolled steel beams are manufactured by applying force flexible metal feed through the large rollers so as to flatten and mold it into the required shape. Beams can be hot-rolled or cold-rolled. Hot-rolled beams are manufactured from metal that has been heated over the crystallization temperature point, so the metal is very malleable and then rolled. Cold-rolled beams are manufactured from metal that has not been heated before feeding to the rolling line. Biomass can also be fabricated by extrusion, in which the metal is forced through a die; this can also be done either hot or cold.

Welding or Riveting:

Beams can also be made by welding. In this process, metal sheets cut to the required specifications and then welded together using industrial welding tools. The beams can be fabricated by riveting as well. For riveting, sheets of metal are cut, holes are cut into the metal pieces and the pieces are held together by rivets to form beams.

Angles Manufacturing

Standard Billets and scraps will be cut to the required size by shearing machine and will be fed into a coal-fired heating furnace for heating at a temperature of about 1100 degrees centigrade or so. After that, these stores will be fed into the roughing rolls and other rolls one by one, where the cross-sectional size will be reduced gradually. The partially-finished store is finally gone through the chilled rolls of the last stand which comprise of 2 rolls. Shape, Dimension and size of the cross-section of the semi-finished products underlet on grooves made on rollers. All kinds of sections except Tor Steel is finished at the last stand. In case of Tor Steel, Scrap/Billet/Ingot is passed through special rolls, so that special rounds are formed with two ribs along the whole length of the bar and the same have certain marks on the whole area of its surface. After completion of this operation, these bars are bent at cold condition by the help of a motor operated Twisting Machine and thus steel is formed.

ChinCheng Steel has been working in steel manufacturing since 2017. We are supplier and exporter in steel Beams Manufacturer, Channel Manufacturer, and Angle manufacturer in China and across worldwide, which are certified and approve by certified third party inspection agencies.