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We are a leading organization in Steel sheets manufacturer in China, Hot Rolled sheets manufacturer in China, Hot rolled plate manufacturer in China. Steel sheet converted from ballets or slabs. The manufacturing process of steel sheets can be divided into two processes- Hot rolled or Cold Rolled.

Hot rolled steel sheet

The slabs after heating to its re-crystallization temperature are rolled into plates in the mill even though the chemical composition of steel fescue the mechanical properties. Its final mechanical properties are hardly impacted by rolling practice, finishing temperature and cooling rate and pursuant heat treatment. The process of hot rolling helps to remove the surface Defects and helps to achieve the desired shape and quality in the manufacturing process. Steel plates are annealed to produce them less brittle.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets 

Cold rolling is a metalworking method in which metal is converted by passing it through rollers at a temperature below the re-crystallization temperature. Cold rolling enhancement the yield strength and stiffness of a metal by acquaint defects into the metal crystal structure. These defects inhibit ateriorly slip and can diminish the texture size of the metal, resulting in Hall-Petch hardening. Cold rolled steel is virtually hot rolled steel that has had further processing. The steel is treated further in cold reduction mills, where the material cools at room temperature followed by tempers roller. The cold rolled method creates a completed product that is a lot more precise dimensionally than a hot rolled product.


ChinCheng Steel is the provider of the highest grade quality steel for Commercial & Industrial Application. We are exporter in different countries, and manufacturer in China. Our quality product is approved by certified third party inspection authorities and certified to international standard. We are specialist and experts in manufacturing high grade prime quality steel at most competitive price anywhere in China.