Words from MD


The Steel Industry will continue to serve as stimulus to national development and economy boaster to industrial development of a country. It should also be noted that steel industry will contribute to all the facets of the economy, including the important role steel plays in economic development and growth. Faithful to its values and commitments, our company pays special attention to the control of its organizational efficiency and sits its strategic development on two major pillars: • Satisfy and retain our clients • Ensure the development of its human capital This guidance is intended to strengthen the brand equity of the company and ensure its competitiveness and sustainability in an increasingly competitive and globalized environment. We put our clients interest ahead of our own, and we permanently keep in consideration their comments, expectations and critics, to adapt and improve our organization accordingly. Thus, We have implemented a series of necessary measures to make sure that the time limits and the quality of delivered services are respected, according to contractual requirements, standards, laws and regulations, while being attentive, available and responsive. On Behalf of the Executive Board of Chincheng steel Industrial Co ltd, we look forward to serving you and your company’s needs and to supporting our clients to pursue their goals.


Chaoxiang Cheng (MD)

Mr. Chaoxiang Cheng is the Managing Director (MD) of ChinCheng Steel Industrial China Limited. He has over 20 years of professional work experience. Since 1997, Mr. Chaoxiang Cheng has been instrumental in providing leadership and strategic direction to the Company. He is an acute administrator who strives for the best in all his undertaking.
He holds a degree of B.SC. (Administration).